The NMSF holds the sporting authority to govern Motorsport in Namibia

NMSF Documents

Namibian Licence Application Procedure

      Namibian License Application
      Namibian License Application

      NMSF Indemnity
      Declaration of Fitness

      Indemnity Form for Events

      Club Affiliation Form
      Club Affiliation Form

     For individual club membership forms - Click Here


1.  Only Namibian Citizens can apply for Namibian National Licences and score points towards the
      Namibian National Championships.

2.  Non-Namibian citizens may apply for a Namibian Licence and may receive event trophies, but may
      not score points towards Namibian National Championships.

3.  There are 3 documents to complete, click to download:

4.  Complete all the relevant documents and signatures. Incomplete applications will not be processed!

5.  The “Namibian License Application” is in Excel format and MUST BE completed on the computer, before
      printing and signing. This is to ensure we have the correct information and since we cannot
      always read the handwriting!

6.  Scanned copies of the following must be submitted:

      Identity Document
      Medical aid card
      Proof of club membership
      Proof of payment for membership and Licence

7.  Hand it to your club chairman, who will submit it to the NMSF, together with your payment.

    The clubs will collect a couple of applications, then do the EFT to the NMSF and then deliver or
    Courier the applications to City Clutch & Brake, Northern Industrial Area, Windhoek.

    Please do not send them to me individually. Also a minimum of 7 days before any event.

8.  Licenses are delivered only to the chairman / secretary of the respective clubs at commission
      meetings.  It is the duty of the club to distribute license cards to their members!

9.  You are responsible to make sure the NMSF receives your application timeously and completed as
      per above guidelines.

10. No Licence will be issued unless all the documents are completed and signed or if proof of Identity
       and Nationality is omitted.

For Motoring use account:
Bank Windhoek
NMSF Motor Commission
Branch: Capricorn (486-372)
Account: 8002617428

For Motor Cycling use:
Bank Windhoek
NMSF Motor Cycle -Commission
Branch: Capricorn ( 486-372)
Account: 8002617399