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Rali TT Internacionale Lupupa 2018


New Era Reports Feb-Mar 2018


First of all, I would like to start by stating that the NMSF would like to express its support for the National Road Safety Campaign and commend all the authorities involved for trying to make the roads safer for us all.

With grueling year of motorsport behind us, we turn our attention to the future and more importantly the present. As we are about to embark on our various journeys to our various holiday destinations, I implore you to be responsible on the roads, consider your fellow road users, adhere to the speed limits and arrive alive to enjoy much needed time with your families.

Our year was not one without challenges but our members, being our affiliated clubs, ensured that the level of competitions increased, spectators turn out increased and most importantly competitors were able to improve on their personal best performances and garner much deserved championships.

This off course would not have been possible without our stakeholders, and individual sponsors. We would also like to that the media for the coverage of our events, and the exposure our competitors receive for practicing the sport that they love. Our member clubs for taking the sport to the people, ensuring that as many regions as possible experience the excitement and adrenalin fueled action that is motorsport. For this we as the NMSF would like to express our sincere gratitude and extent a word of appreciation.

Motorsport is challenged without adequate funding, yet, we are able to produce the necessary results year after year.

The NMSF Council has embarked on a youth development program, this, with the aid of sponsors and development partners will be rolled out in 2018. Progress and Development begins with the youth, they are the future and we have to invest in them.

To our members, we wish you a well-deserved break. Honor the ideals upon which you base your competitions each year, keep the racing on the track and not on the road. You represent not only yourself, but your teams, your Federation and most importantly yourself.

The NMSF Council and its members wishes everyone peace and happiness for the holidays, a Merry Christmas, and all the joy and prosperity for a successful 2018.

Yours in Motorsport

Daniel Tjongarero
Namibia Motor Sport Federation


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